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Cooking Lesson

4 Dessert Serving with Cups

Dessert > Pudding
(5 Videos · Japanese)

Feeling bored with instant pudding? We are going to show you 5 different Japanese dessert which serve in cups. It's easy and tasty. More importantly, it is fast to make.

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Lesson 1
Easy made Fresh Fruit Yogurt

Easy made Fresh Fruit Yogurt

Ice-cream x1
Granola ... appropriate amount
Fresh Cream ... appropriate amount
Yogurt ... appropriate amount
Strawberries ... appropriate amount
Banana ... appropriate amount
Pocky ... appropriate amount
Chocolate ... appropriate amount
1. Mix sugar and Yogurt and stir well
2. Cut strawberries into pieces (some in half and some in quarter)
3. Put the small pieces into empty glasses
4. Put the yogurt on top
5. Then add some granola
6. Add another level of small pieces strawberries
7. Put a scoop of Ice-cream on top
8. Add some pocky, chocolate and Banana on top with cream
9. Finally add the other strawberries on top for decoration
Lesson 2
Marshmallow Yoghurt Mousse

Marshmallow Yoghurt Mousse

Marshmallow ... 100g
Milk ... 100g
Gelatin ... 5g
Water ... 1 tablespoon
Cream... 100g
Yogurt ... 200g
Any Fruit
1. Pour the cream into a metal bowl surrounded by ice water
2. Use a frother to make the cream fluffy
3. Boil the milk with marshmallow
4. Until the marshmallow melt
5. Then add in gelatin (stir the gelatin well with water before using)
6. Stir well
7. Mix the fluffy cream with the marshmallow milk
8. Pour the mixture into glasses
9. Add any fruit you prefer
Lesson 3
Baby Castella

Baby Castella

Pan Cake Powder ... 200g
Egg ... 1
Milk ... 150CC
Honey (or Sugar) ... suitable amount
Chocolate Chip ... suitable amount
Powder Sugar ... suitable amount
1. Put the egg into a bowl and add in milk then stir
2. Add in the pan cake powder and mix well
3. Put honey according to your preference
4. Pour the mixture into a ball sharp pan (Takoyaki Pan) with some chocolate chip and fry
5. Server with some powder Sugar
Lesson 4
Fruit Icy

Fruit Icy

Ice Tray
Any Canned Fruit
1. Filter out the syrup
2. Cut the fruit into small pieces
3. Smash the fruit
4. Put the mixture into an ice tray
5. Leave it in freezer until it become solid
Lesson 5
Easy Made Egg Pudding

Easy Made Egg Pudding

Milk ... 100g
Sugar ... 2 tablespoons
Egg ... 1
Vanilla essence ... few drops
1. Mix the Sugar and the milk
2. Whip the egg and add into the milk with a filter
3. Stir Well
4. Add a few drop of vanilla essence
5. Heat it up with a microwave oven with 600W power and 90 seconds
Lesson Completed
4 Dessert Serving with Cups
beable (ビエボ!)
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