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Cooking Lesson

3 Drinks Japanese will Make in Summer

Beverage > Juices & Smoothies
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In summer time, having a cool soft drink is nice. But it's so unhealthy. So why not make something natural. There are 3 Japanese drinks you can make at home. It's perfect for Summer.

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Lesson 1
Iced Shiso Juice

Iced Shiso Juice

Red shiso leaves without stem (300g)
Sugar (200-300g)
Citric Acid(1/2~1 spoon)
Hyperthemia Prevention!
Simple Shiso Juice Recipe
1. Remove stems from the shiso leaves
2. Rinse and wet the shiso leaves
3. Boil red shiso leaves in 1L of water
(In order to obtain the leaves extract)
4. Boil the leaves for 3~4 minutes. Until the leaves become green
5. Use a filter to obtain all the red juice
6. Add sugar to the red juice and boil again
7. Add citric acid
8. Stir until the juice becomes ruby color
9. Pour juice into containers
then place containers into the fridge
Add ice and water/sparkling water
juices & smoothies
Lesson 2
Fresh Ginger Soda

Fresh Ginger Soda

Ginger (about 20g)
Sugar (50g)
Water (50cc)
Soda Water (50cc)
Lemon (adjustable)
1. Mix sugar and water together and stir
2. Grate the ginger
3. Squeeze juice out from the ginger
4. Mix the ginger juice with the sugar water and stir
5. Pour the juice into a glass with ice
6. Add soda water
juices & smoothies
Lesson 3
Homemade Plum Juice

Homemade Plum Juice

Fresh umeboshi (1kg)
crystal sugar(1kg)
bamboo sticks
1. Sterilize the jar with hot water
2. Leave the jar to dry
3. Wash the fresh umeboshi with water
4. Dry the fresh umeboshi with towel
5. Take off the umeboshi pedicel with bamboo sticks
6. Put the umeboshi and crystal sugar into the jar simultaneously
7. Close the lid
8. after 3 days Agitate the jar and mix well
9. after a week You can Serve with Soda water
juices & smoothies
Lesson Completed
3 Drinks Japanese will Make in Summer
beable (ビエボ!)
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