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Cooking Lesson

What Can You DO with a Rice Cooker 2

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Maybe you have seen our first series of "What can you do with a Rice Cooker". In this series we are going to show you more about the fast & simple cooking method with rice cooker. If you are in boarding school or living on your own and don't want to spend too much time on cooking. This is the channel perfect for you. Don't miss this out!

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Lesson 1
Japanese Soy Sauce Octopus

Japanese Soy Sauce Octopus

Octopus ... 150g
Carbonated water ... 150ml
Sugar ... 3 teaspoon
Sake ... 2 teaspoon
Sweet cooking rice wine ... 1 teaspoon
Soy sauce ... 1 teaspoon
1. Cut the octopus into small pieces
2. Place the cut octopus, carbonated water, sugar, sake and rice wine into the rice cooker
3. Stir well and start the rice cooker
4. Once it's ready, add soy sauce and cover the lid again.
5. Cook for another 40mins
Lesson 2
Fast Cook Cabbage

Fast Cook Cabbage

Cabbage ... 1
Concentrated broth ... 2
Water ... 400cc
1. Cut off the cabbage bottom
2. Put the cabbage into a bowl of water
3. Place the concentrated broth into the rice cooker then put the cabbage on top
4. Add Water
5. Turn on the rice cooker
Lesson 3
Milk Curry Chicken

Milk Curry Chicken

Curry Block ... 1/4
Milk ... 300ml
Water ... 250ml
Chicken Thighs ... 100g
Onion ... 1/2
Mushroom ... 100g
Potato ... 2
Carrot ... 1/2
1. Cut chicken thighs, onion, mushroom, potato and carrot into pieces
2. Put the ingredient into the rice cooker and mix well
3. Add curry block, milk and water
4. Cover the lid and start cooking
Lesson 4
Fast Cook Coca Cola Chicken Wings

Fast Cook Coca Cola Chicken Wings

Chicken Wing ... 6
Potato ... 1
Coca Cola ... 300cc
Soy sauce ... 1 spoon
1. Peel the potato skin off
2. Cut the potato into pieces
3. Put all ingredients into the rice cooker
4. Cook for 50mins
Lesson 5
Self Made Chocolate Cereal

Self Made Chocolate Cereal

Chocolate ... 1
Cereal ... 100g
1. Put the chocolate into the rice cooker
2. Head up the chocolate until it melt
3. Add the cereal and mix well
4. Take the chocolate cereal out and put it into the fridge for 30 mins
Lesson Completed
What Can You DO with a Rice Cooker 2
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