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4 Gummy that You Can Make at Home

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Gummi candy are a broad category of gelatin-based, chewy candies. In the United States and Germany, gummi bears are the most popular and best known of the gummi candies. Other common shapes include bottles, worms, frogs, hamburgers, sharks, toy soldiers, full-size rats, large human body parts, etc.

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Lesson 1
Gummy Worms Rainbow Cups

Gummy Worms Rainbow Cups

Jelly Powder(Choose your only favor)
Gummy Worms
1. According to the instruction from the packaging, mix 200ml to 250ml of hot water with the powder until all powder melt
2. After it melts, pour 200ml of cool water into the mixture to reduce the temperature
3. Distribute the liquid into 6 cup, if you choose to use plastic cup, make sure the temperature of the liquid is cool
4. You can have different favor in one cup. The more favor, the little you should add each time.
5. Put a gummy worms in each cup
6. Put the jelly into the fridge for an hour
7. In the mean time, you can prepare for another favor of jelly. Repeat above process until the cups are filled
8. We can add more gummy worns
9. One put in the middle, one leaving half out
10. Put them into the fridge for an hour
11. Add some crushed chocolate cookies on top, just like worn crawling out from the mud
confectionery & candies
Lesson 2
Gummy Worms

Gummy Worms

confectionery & candies
Lesson 3
Gummy Cheesecake Hearts

Gummy Cheesecake Hearts

confectionery & candies
Lesson 4
Gummy Stained Glass Donuts

Gummy Stained Glass Donuts

confectionery & candies
Lesson Completed
4 Gummy that You Can Make at Home
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