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Japanese Boil Egg Recipe

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Have you ever visit a ramen restaurant. They always serve a soft-boil egg with the ramen. This is a traditional way where Japanese does. In this course, we are going to show to how to make the soft-boil egg. It's easy but required some practice in controlling the time of boiling. Then we will show you other style of making boil egg.

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Lesson 1
Traditional Soft-boil Egg

Traditional Soft-boil Egg

Noodle soup (Japanese name: 麺つゆ)
Storage bags
1. Put the eggs into a bowl of water with room temperature
2. Turn on the fire
3. While it is heating up, keep stirring to ensure temperature are well distributed
4. Once the water boil, turn off the fire
5. Put the eggs into ice water to cool down immediately
6. Take off the shell of the egg
7. Put the egg into a storage bags
8. Cover the egg with noodle soup
9. Leave it in the fridge for at least one day
Lesson 2
Healthy Purple Egg

Healthy Purple Egg

Red cabbage
Storage bags
1. Cut the red cabbage into small pieces
2. Boil the eggs
3. Take off the shell of the eggs
4. Then put the red cabbage into boiling water to cook for 3 minutes to extract the color of the red cabbage
5. Filter out the purple water from the red cabbage
6. Put both the eggs and purple extract into a storage bag for at least 30 minutes
Lesson Completed
Japanese Boil Egg Recipe
beable (ビエボ!)
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