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Create an Account

You can create an account using email or facebook login.

Once you have successfully created the account, you will need to upload a profile picture and a cover photo. You will also need to write a short description of yourself about the cuisine you are showing.

Most importantly, you have to give us your paypal account. So that we will be able to transfer you the income generated by your videos.

Upload your recipes

If you are good in cooking, why don’t you share we us. You can make some extra money while enjoying the fun in the kitchen.

We are different from our cooking recipes website. We group similar videos together and order by difficulties. So that user can follow your recipes step by step.

Click on the link below to see more upload guidelines.

We do modification

Once you upload a set of videos, we will review it and modify it allowing to users preferences. So that your videos will attack more users to view.

We will also translate your video name, description and ingredients into English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. So that we can serve you videos to lot more audiences.

User click on advertisement

Advertisements are placed on your video page. To ensure high level of user experience, we only place banners on the right side of the page or areas that not affecting user browsing.

We share with you the profit

According to you page views, we will share with you our profit. We believe content is the key to a recipe sharing website, so we are generous in sharing profit with you. You will take 50% of any advertisement income generated by your videos. All income will be transferred to you paypal account quarterly.

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